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Hóll Stables

Join us for an exhilarating riding adventure and meet our beautiful team of Icelandic horses.

Hóll stables are situated in Paltamo in the region of Kainuu, northeast Finland. Kainuu is renowned for its pristine nature, wildlife, crystal clear lakes, waterways and ancient forests and hills. We are the land of the midnight sun and in our winter wonderland, we have some of the deepest snow in Finland. This means, here at Hóll stables, together with our Icelandic horses, we can offer a variety of treks taking in all our nature has to offer all-year-round; Yes. Even in the snow!


The Icelandic horse is bred for these harsh climates. They have special double layer coats that protect them in extreme environments. They are a calm, sturdy breed and make ideal travelling companions for beginners, children and advanced riders alike. Icelandic horses are also distinctive as they have 5 gaits; walk, trot, gallop, tölt and flying pace. The Tölt is unique to these plucky beasts and is a smooth and enjoyable way to ride.

For all our treks we travel at a comfortable pace to match the skill levels of the group. But don’t worry, we also get the chance to have a fast gallop.


So, whether you are on a family day out, looking for an activity to add to your holiday, or, just on your own, your Icelandic horse and Hóll stables will guarantee you have an unforgettable riding experience.

Welcome to Hóll!

Riding Treks

icelandic horse with riders

Price: 35 € / pers. | Duration: 1 h

Get to Know Icelandic Horse

On this guided riding trek, you will get to know and learn about the Icelandic horse, including their unique gait - ‘Tölt.’


This trek is suitable for families, children and beginners.

icelandic horse in single line

Price: 60 € / pers. | Duration: 2 h

Icelandic Horse Riding Trek in Finnish Nature

On this riding tour you can experience riding the unique Icelandic horse and enjoy the stunning, peaceful nature and spectacular scenery that surrounds you.


This tour is ideal for learning about the Icelandic horse and a good choice for beginners.

Our horses


Gódi the Gelding is high spirited and always ready to play. Tölt is slow, but galloping is fast.


Our Grandma-horsie. Age is just a number, when you watch how she goes. She is close to retiring, but still does good with the kids.


Aatu is nice, good for fun horse for everyone. Has an older soul.


Askja is happy 5-gait mare. She is excited about adventures. Mostly used as draft horse, but also good fit for experienced riders.


Unna is Big and happy mare, who is joy to ride. She is good fit for the beginners and more experienced riders.


Oktavia is free spirit and has lots of willpower. Still co-operation with determined rider goes splendidly.


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